Future of travel after COVID 19

Future of travel after COVID 19

What will be the future of travel after COVID 19? Can we travel again?  

The world unexpectedly faced something which was never thought of and never imagined. The horrifying scene that we use to see in movies came to life leaving our life shattered. 

This is the first time in history that the whole world came to stand still at the same time. This article will give you some coverage and analysis of the Future of travel after COVID 19.

Coronavirus impacting the world

With this article, we try to bring some good and bad phases as analysed by the experts for the future of travel after COVID 19.

Let us first discuss the impacted parts:

No International Travel

Due to coronavirus travel restrictions, the majority of the International borders are closed and will remain closed for quite a few months. International travel will not be smooth again as it was until now. There might be the latest medical, health, COVID 19 documents required mentioning that the person is fit for flying and free from any disease at the time of travel.

Countries like the United States of America have introduced a US Travel Ban restricting the moment of the travellers for the next few months. There are millions of travellers who travel to beach locations within or outside the US during the summertime are now completely restricted to travel. Travellers are instantly expecting and demanding their money back from the airlines and travel agents and travel companies, and as the situation was unprepared this industry is facing a huge crisis. 

Travel restriction
Travel Restrictions

Air Travel will be costlier

As the Aviation industry is heavily impacted, few airlines have declared them as bankrupt, while others are struggling to survive this bad phase. Each airline involves hundreds and thousands of staff at each location for their flight operations and ground staff services. And as soon as the flight operations will resume along with coronavirus travel advice and coronavirus travel restrictions, the airlines will be needing the funds to cover the losses occurred in the last few months. It will straight impact the flight ticket prices. Travel aggregator sites are already getting very less flight search volume affecting the growth of other websites and businesses connected through them.

travel after coronavirus

No long leisure trip

As the people will struggle hard to get the life back to normal, so affording any leisure trip will be difficult for the next few months or at least till the end of the year. The thing will come back as it is in the nature of humans to travel, but it will just take a little time. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the COVID-19 vaccine and as per analysis once the vaccine is found and easily available the life will return back to near normal phase. Once the things will start getting settled down it shall still take 6-7 months before people start planning for leisure trips. However, they will be much more conscious this time while travelling.

future of travel
A girl on vacation

Business and Job Loss

As the coronavirus map is expanding so the graph of jobless people is rising. Majorly of the industries such as Aviation, Tourism, Hospitality, Automobile, Cruise Ships and many-many more have come to standstill.

Job Loss
Millions of people are losing jobs due to COVID-19 impact

Due to the loss of jobs and economy, the poor and the middle class which are in majority in any nation are facing huge monetary and psychological losses. Businesses are facing huge losses at every level due to the non-movement of the cash flow. 

What can I do during this lockdown?

People who are trained and have expertise in these industries are now thoughtful enough to choose a different field. However, it is recommended to not lose all hope and if one can manage to survive the phase for the next few months,  then things will start getting back to normal. 

learn online
Involve in online learning

One should opt for online learning during this time and plan ideas for the future. Focus on communication and other relevant skills which will work as an investment in yourself. Build links and contacts so that you can analyze and keep yourself updated which will help you to make a better decision for the future perspective. Work on yourself and improvise your skills to make your resume strong.

Now let's discuss the future of travel after coronavirus travel restriction.

Air Travel will be the safest mode of travel after corona

Like any other means of transport, airports still have different levels of security checks and now have started medical checks before one can board a flight. The same level of security and medical check is not available and possible at the moment if you do travel by bus or trains. Also, airlines are taking measures and trying to bring the gap between the seats of the passengers so that the chances of any accidental touching and spread can be lowered. Also, airlines will be using proper sanitization processes after every flight and will try to maintain a high level of cleanliness by using disinfectants.  

future of travel
Aircraft Cabin

Growth of Domestic Tourism

As the coronavirus travel restrictions have forced the International borders to be closed for next few months, but the travel within the country and nearby places will still be available when it will be safe to travel again. Some countries and places have faced a major effect while there are some offbeat places where there is no or very less effect of the coronavirus. The places will see a boom in the coming future as it will be much safer to travel and stay in less crowded places. Travel restrictions are different from country to country and state to state so one must check and only travel when the travel restrictions are removed and it is marked as safe to travel. 

Why is getaway important to the tourism industry?

Short Trip and Weekend getaway

Such trips will be much safer and economical when it comes to travel for leisure in the coming time. Short Trip may also not involve the use of public transport and many people own their own cars or can rent it for weekend getaways. Small and not much-explored cities and places will gain popularity. Short trips will also not require much money as you save on huge travel costing and can also choose to stay in an offbeat and budget location and carry the basic necessary items with you. 

Nature and Wildlife Trips

Big cities and tourist attractions might not work in attracting much crowd in the coming days and this will happen for quite a long time. Most visited cities and places for fun and entertainment will not have a large number of people any more. People will much prefer to travel with family and friends for short nature and wildlife trips. National Parks and Animals reserves will be a safe and also refreshing option for travel after COVID-19. Such places are not much connected with big cities and also have resorts and hotels located at a distance. Such trips will refresh your mind and rejuvenate your body. 

Such trips are still in the place where people travel for nature trips for meditation and yoga while other wildlife travel enthusiasts and wildlife photographers travel to explore the jungle life. Such trips will be gaining more popularity soon as they are the best when it comes to avoiding crowds. 

You can stay in the Luxury Hotel

Though the flight ticket travelling cost might increase for quite some time, however, the price of expensive properties shall come down. The hospitality industry will try every measure to bring back its guests and provide as low as possible rates. The hotel industry will work in the benefit of both the traveller and themself for re-establishment. Hotels will come up with deals and offers which will be helpful for a traveller to get the best value out of their money. But again, one should only travel when it is marked as safe to travel and travel only if necessary, till life gets back to normal. 

Hotel Room
Luxury hotel room


Governments are taking measures and planning and trying to implement the best things which they can do for the people. There will always be room for improvement but none of the government was prepared for this coronavirus pandemic. So as the time will pass the governments will struggle to improve the situation and will come up with better options and we hope for the silver lining in this cloud. It is necessary to depend only on the legit sources for the authentic information related to this pandemic which is found on cdc coronavirus website or WHO website. Maintain and follow government issued guidelines. 

We must stay strong and hope for the silver lining. The situation may bring major changes but will also provide the opportunity to learn and grow again. This is the time for patience and learning. We hope that this article will help you to plan and decide well about the future of travel after COVID 19.

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