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Visit Maldives

Visit Maldives - White Sand Beaches, Romantic Sunsets and much more The Maldives is a beautiful group of Islands located in South Asia in the Indian Ocean. This whole country is having a collection of 1192 small islands out of which only around 200 islands are inhabited. The whole country of Maldives is covered in a stretch of around 870 Kms. The Maldives looks like tiny jewel-like islands covered with soft and white sands surrounded by clean and shallow water. So visit the Maldives to experience all this mesmerising beauty of nature. Time stands still within the Maldives when you spend a few days here and experience a different lifestyle which you may have never experienced before. Hearing the crystal clear waves crash against the seashore, swim with the beautiful fishes and reef sharks and feast on a wide array of fishes with the locals. Maldives language is Dhivehi, which is an Indo-Aryan language. The Maldives is right for a romantic honeymoon, for some leisure or those who are ad

11 Travel Tips on How To Save More While You Travel

How to Save More While You Travel Have you ever dreamt to visit a place which you might be seeing and scrolling on your Instagram feed? Daydreaming about travelling with your lover, friends or family to faraway lands, collecting some memories in photographs and doing some life-changing adventure? Of course, you would have dreamt of it but then you wake-up from your daydream and realise that you don’t have enough bank balance to fulfil your travel dreams and then you wonder that how to save more while you travel and see the world. Some think that their dream of travelling could never be fully filled and they may spend a large amount of their saving and you can only roam the world only on your Instagram feed. Well, if you think that then is not the full picture! We will assist you to get the foremost out of your journey and provide you with travel hacks to save big on your costing front. 11 Ways on how to save more while you Travel Travel in Mid or Low-Season Remember the seasonality of

Best Countries to Live

Best Nations to Live - where do you see yourself? The place where we live severely affects the level of our happiness in life and choosing the best country to live in could be an important decision of your lifetime. Let's find out the best countries to live in the world.  Best Countries to Live Canada Canada takes up about two-fifths of the NorthAmerican continent, making it the second-largest country within the world after Russia. Canada is considered one among the simplest countries to measure within the world due to its exceptional factors like high rate of life satisfaction, lower murder rates, unique retirement pension programs and therefore the mostly free healthcare system. it's also considered one among the foremost peaceful countries within the world. It values education and has long ensured all young citizens have access to the simplest schooling available regardless of their background. quite half its residents graduate from college. Canada is the second-largest coun

Nepal Travel Guide

Nepal is a majestic land, a land full of nature which is known for its mesmerizing scenic backdrops, heritage buildings, temples, monuments, and monasteries. Nepal is truly a mesmerizing place to visit which is located in the heart of Himalayas.  Top Places to visit in Nepal Pokhra Pokhra it the 'Tourist Capital of Nepal,' is that the second-largest city of Nepal, lying at an altitude of nearly 900m. Pokhra has a Lake which is known as Phewa Lake and is located in the beautiful southern part of Pokhra. The lake will definitely call for your attention with its scenic view. The Phewa lake is surrounded by dreamy cafes, restaurants, pubs and shops. For adventure enthusiasts, Pokhara may be a popular start line for several treks. Kathmandu Kathmandu is a charming town with little busy lifestyle yet peaceful and soothing. It is often known as the town of peace. Kathmandu is the only metropolitan city of Nepal and also the hottest city in the region and is the countr

Fiji - A Beyond Paradise

Fiji - A Beyond Paradise  The island nation of Fiji is situated within the shimmering South Pacific, between Hawaii and Australia. Fiji’s some of the islands are habited and two-thirds of Fiji's 330 islands are uninhabited, making it one of the most unspoiled places on the planet. Fiji can also be called a collection of Volcanic Islands. So, if you are looking for a paradise kind of location, then no need to look any further, Fiji is one of those heavenly places on the earth where you can have an ultimate holiday experience. Read More:  Singapore Travel - A city of Dreams and Future Andaman and Nicobar Island  

Burj Al Arab - The only 7-Star Hotel in the world

Burj Al Arab - The only 7-Star Hotel in the world Dubai has almost everything which can make it a great place to visit. Dubai was a small fishing village around 50 years back and now home to world-class infrastructure and a city of lavish lifestyle. Dubai is also home to an only 7-Star hotel in the world, “ The Burj Al Arab ”. Though there hundreds and thousands of luxurious hotels all over the world but Burj Al Arab is one of its kind, lets quickly have a look that: Dubai just does about everything, especially when it comes to tourism. It would not be a small thing to say that the United Arab Emirates have been working very hard in recent years to try and boost their credibility in terms of business and wealth. They're trying to bring in new tourism businesses via massive buildings and wonders. They've even had sports events in the nation for the first time in recent years. In short, they're trying to show that this is a nation you should visit, and they're very much s