Burj Al Arab - The only 7-Star Hotel in the world

Burj Al Arab - The only 7-Star Hotel in the world

Dubai has almost everything which can make it a great place to visit. Dubai was a small fishing village around 50 years back and now home to world-class infrastructure and a city of lavish lifestyle.

Dubai is also home to an only 7-Star hotel in the world, “The Burj Al Arab”.

Burj al arab

Though there hundreds and thousands of luxurious hotels all over the world but Burj Al Arab is one of its kind, lets quickly have a look that:

Dubai just does about everything, especially when it comes to tourism. It would not be a small thing to say that the United Arab Emirates have been working very hard in recent years to try and boost their credibility in terms of business and wealth.

They're trying to bring in new tourism businesses via massive buildings and wonders. They've even had sports events in the nation for the first time in recent years. In short, they're trying to show that this is a nation you should visit, and they're very much succeeding in all the ways that matter, and in the hotel industry, they have gone above and beyond the call with the Burj Al Arab.

The Burj Al Arab is not only the 4th largest hotel in the world but one that is shaped like a sail to give it a unique look. 

What makes this hotel the only 7-star hotel in the world?

The hotel has all the amenities you would expect, world-class dining to eat in and rooms to stay in, and even the world's tallest atrium. Burj Al Arab has a helipad which is hanging outside the building hundreds of meter right above the sea, making it a unique helipad. A unique Skyview bar. 

Burj al arab helipad and skyview resturant
Burj al Arab Skyview restaurant (left) and Helipad (right)

Burj Al Arab offers gold plated iPad’s, private butler service suites, cozy beds with mirrored ceilings, double jacuzzi bathtubs, and much more. It is also not much shocking that designs you will find of the walls are also gold plated. 

Burj Al Arab
Inside View of the Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab has set a benchmark for the hotel industry and set a new level of modern luxury and design, not only inside Dubai but around the world.

The hotel was named as the "best hotel in the world" by the Ultratravel Awards. The Burj has frequently been called "the world's first seven-star hotel" and "the most luxurious hotel in the world". Due to some much name and fame staying here could be anyone’s lifetime dream. 

inside view of burj al arab
Inside view of Burj Al Arab

High praise indeed, wouldn't you say? And it'd be foolish to not note that one of the reasons why this hotel is so beloved and respected is that the builders of the place did not waste a single dollar in making sure that this hotel was extravagance personified in more ways than one.


Burj Al Arab is now a landmark of Dubai on the world map. This place costs 1 BILLION dollars to make inside and out. Yeah, that's a lot of money, but to be honest, compared to some of the other things they got going in the UAE, this is a relatively smaller investment in context.

inside burj al arab
Fountain inside Burj Al Arab

Going back to the guest’s aspect of things, the staff in the Burj Al Arab is more than just window dressing, they're literally there to make sure that you have what you need when you need it. I want to think about your more recent hotel experience

There are 6 times more staffers in this place than there are guests to actually reside in it. That's a lot of paid staff, but if you want to be a "Seven Star Hotel", then I guess you need to make sure that you have as many people as possible serving and waiting on as many people as possible.

How much $ you need for a night?

I'm sure some of you are already intrigued about the place and want to stay there.
This luxury comes at a cost which means that you'll be spending AT LEAST $1500 a night there in the place. Wait, What? Yes, that’s right, and that is at least. 

Not to mention, getting to the UAE in order to sleep in the Burj Al Arab is not the cheapest thing to do, so if you decide to commit, you’ll need to make sure you have the money to spend in the right places. 

Oh, and for those who aren't strapped for cash, you can get even more luxurious rooms that cost you about $20,000 a night, if not more. So clearly this location has something for everyone. 

Private Island

The hotel was built on a tiny man-made island a few hundred meters off the Dubai coastline. That means any would-be visitors must enter via a guard-monitored bridge." You might think it's odd that the UAE would make a man-made island just to go and make an island to put their stuff on it. But actually? They do it ALL THE TIME. In fact, over the last few years, they've made several man-made islands to put things like hotels, casinos, amusement parks, and even businesses on it.

They want to make a place that has everything that people will come and know that they have access to all of it, and thus, they expand the land that they have via the rivers and waterways that they access. 

Private Beach

It's not unlike how people in other countries make man-made bodies of water to help with an area or give access to water to the locals. Going back to the bridge, this is actually a benefit of the place because it allows for increased security and assurances that no one can just "walk up to you" when you're at the hotel. 
And yes, they do have a private beach too!

Arrive at Hotel in Free Helicopter Ride

Because if you made it past screenings, you’re supposed to be there. Most people arrive via complimentary chauffeured Rolls-Royce pickup. Your other option is to arrive in a private helicopter — to a private helipad, of course.

Royal Royce
Get a complimentary pick and dip in Royal Royce

I mean, you're paying good money to get there, it only makes sense that you would ride or fly there in style, am I right? Which option would you choose to go to the place?

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