How this girl travelled 15 countries in less than 3 years?

Her Travel Story

I’m Nikita, bringing to you my wonderful travel experience of some of the most beautiful and blissful places in Europe. I am a software engineer by profession and a travel enthusiast by the soul. I started blogging a few months back and feel excited to share my travel experiences and inspire people to travel and explore this beautiful world. 

I am so glad to be recognized by Ziffy Travels who gave me the chance to share my travel experiences with the world. I am connected with Ziffy Travels from quite a long time and excited to share my words on this travel inspiring platform. I hope that it will be an exciting read for you guys.

How I started travelling.

Talking about my travelling journey, since childhood I loved visiting new places, though not always a hill station or a beach. In fact, I have mostly visited the holy places in India as my extremely religious family would only make such travel plans.

During one of my work trips to Chennai, I got a chance to Pondicherry, which was a french colonial state until 1954 and now a Union Territory in India. The place is surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches and french colonial buildings which will take you back in time.

That was the first time I was travelling solo and that too in a very unfamiliar state. To my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed that trip and that was the turning point of my life when I decided to do it more often. 

My journey took a kick start after I moved to Europe. Risk of sounding cliche but after spending 25 years of my life in the same country, I travelled to more than 15 countries in less than 3 years. I am glad that I made it to many of the fancy destinations like Greece, Austria, Scotland, etc. And a lot yet to be discovered.

That’s the charm of staying in Europe. You just need a weekend, a bit of planning, and of course some money to tick off another country from your bucket list.

Following the same for the last two years, I call myself a weekend traveller!

However, unlike many other travellers, I never make a plan about when and what to visit in a country. Of course, I do the necessary bookings of flying and staying but that’s all. Other than that, I like to keep it random and enjoy getting lost in a new destination. So my first advice to all the fellow travellers especially the new ones is to ditch the stereotypes and open your mind to new experiences.

However, sometimes the lack of planning turns out terrible! It happened when I didn't book in advance for the NYE Fireworks in London and I had to see them only with half of the London Eye. Adding to the misery, I had to wait for 2 hours to eat at “Dishoom”, a very famous Indian Restaurant in London. But believe me, it was worth it.

Also, right from the day, you plan a holiday in your mind, don’t be afraid to take a trip off the beaten path. It isn’t necessary that every European trip must include Paris and Switzerland. Honestly, I think Paris is a bit overrated but that’s my personal opinion and I am sure there are people who love the Eiffel Tower.

Over time, I have made a choice to explore unexplored places. Like the countrysides, they have a different charm, away from the touristy crowds, they have the real taste of culture. The peace I find it is unparalleled and they make me feel the most alive. One such example is Liechtenstein, I’m sure many of you wouldn’t have heard the name, it’s a small country which shares its border with Switzerland and that explains that it’s full of natural beauty. It has enough reasons not to doubt its worth despite its size.

Travelling to me is all about experiences and they can be good or bad. It can vary from person to person. Like once I tried sushi at a very famous restaurant, highly recommended by a friend but that didn’t please my Indian taste buds at all. 

This is something that happens to me most of the times while travelling, my love for Indian food makes it difficult for me to try other cuisines, also because of some terrible experiences. But I do have some pleasant experiences as well and so I do not stop trying.

Travelling places has given me innumerable memories and in return, I give my heart to those places. The more you explore a place, the more you will fall in love with it. Oh and never forget to take a souvenir with you from every place you visit and it doesn’t necessarily need to be a magnet, it could just be a metro ticket or a restaurant bill to help you relive those memories again, especially during the time of travel crisis like today.

Sending you lots of love from the Netherlands!

Ziffy Travels heartfully thank Nikita for sharing her travel experience with us, it keeps us and others inspired to travel and explore the unmatched beauty of this world.  

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