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Heaven On Earth - Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir are located at the top of the country and is the northernmost state in India. The state is known as Asia's 'Heaven on Earth' , which on one hand is rich in premium cash crops like walnuts and saffron, and on the other hand, blessed with jaw-dropping natural beauty all year long. Kashmir features a special place within the South Asian imagination not only due to the famed great thing about its landscape but also due to its unique religious and cultural history. What is so special about Kashmir? Kashmir is the world's second most romantic destination . The first place goes to Switzerland , but beautiful Kashmir is not less behind. Kashmir is also known as "Heaven On Earth" . During the British Era, it used to be a favorite destination for the summers for the British people, and still, it is the most visited place especially during the summers by domestic and international travelers. Culture The culture of Kashmir may be a blend of multiple cust